Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boxes and wrapping are better than toys

Most parents have experienced a child unwrapping a toy and then playing with the box it came in - or the wrapping - for longer than the toy (yes, that is her toy box behind her).
Our dog, Bailey is well trained and doesn't tear up things in the house (not since she was a puppy, anyway).

However, when we moved we ordered almost everything we needed for the house online. That meant that UPS and FED EX were delivering packages frequently for well over a month.

Bailey soon learned that when a box comes, there is usually bubble wrap or cardboard or some kind of protective coating around the item. Bailey goes crazy for the packaging. Her favorite thing is bubble wrap.

Seriously, Bailey will take bubble wrap - holding it between her paws - then she will pop each air pocket between her teeth. She uses a back and forward motion like she is eating corn on the cob. It is so funny to watch that relatives and friends now save their bubble wrap for her. (Don't worry she is always closely supervised).

Today, she was disappointed. We ordered some folding chairs and while they were well protected, it was not with bubble wrap.

Nevertheless, she had a ball shedding the padding. She makes a big mess but it cleans up easily and she obviously has so much fun with it. Yes, Bailey is spoiled, but she makes every delivery seem like Christmas!

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