Thursday, April 9, 2009

This makes my blood boil

I saw a well dressed, young women, next to her big SUV on our street. The women was standing outside the closed driver side door -in the rain -taking on the cell phone. No biggie, right?
Here is the thing, she was holding a baby about six months old, bald head, dressed in an adorable pink dress, no coat, no blanket so the baby was getting wet while mom talked on the cell phone!

Of course, mom had a baseball cap on, but the baby was just blinking her eyese with her little bald head getting wet.
I know as moms we have all done things that were dumb or we regretted, but seriously, I didn't understand this at all.

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  1. i agree Darcie, but this is what our world has come to? starting with the beatles, DRUGS, free love, greed, ect. our children and grandchildren (thanks to absentee parents) have lost sight of the real things in life, GOD, FAMILY, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT (to themselves and others). GOD BLESS THE WORLD IS MY HOPE!