Monday, April 20, 2009

No More!

How many times have I missed fun events because I was worried about what I would look like in shorts - or worse , the dreaded bathing suit. No more!

I was always worried about running into someone I knew - what would they think? I didn't join water aerobics for years because of the bathing suit thing. After I tried it once, I realized everyone is in the same boat and no one really cares what I look like.

This evening while riding my bike IN SHORTS, I made a decision. I have just as much right to enjoy the pool and other spring/summer activities as skinny people do. I am not going to worry about what I look like. It is what it is. No more yo-yo dieting and obsessing about my weight and how I look in cool clothing.

I can never get back all the time I lost not participating in social gatherings, not going to the lake with the kids and not accepting invitations that involved being outdoors in the summer.
At this stage in my life, all I need to worry about is eating healthy and staying active - no matter what I look like to others.
I need to do this for for me.

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