Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dude, you're next..

What do you think of sales clerks or service providers that call you "dude?"

How about if you are a woman?
What if it was your hair stylist and she used the term to refer to you?

My sis reported trying a new hair stylist in Redding. The first impression of the salon was favorable; clean and relaxing. Then she noticed every stylist there looked like she was still in high school. Okay, no biggie, as long as they can cut her hair, sis thought.

But then the stylist kept referring to my sis - who is in her 50's- as 'dude'.
I just hope they have lots of younger customers - they will need them to make up for customers they offend and won't return .


  1. I agree. I am over 40, female, and gray haired and I do not like to be referred to as "Dude". Being called "guys" when in a group of females is equally rude in my book also. I can understand your sister wanting to spend her money elsewhere.

  2. I have yet to hear an intellegent conversation begin with, Dude. But, then again, I'm over 50.