Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of Life Savers

There was an unbelievable show of strength and stamina right outside the front door of our vacation cottage. It was the annual try outs for Chrystal Cove Life Guards.

First there was a competitive elimination swim. It was 1000 yards out the surf, around a buoy, and run back up to the finish line.

Think about it; that's the length of 10 football fields!
The returning life guards were first. The announcer told the first timers applicants to watch how they judged the surf and current.

Then the second group lined up. They took numerous head counts to make sure they had everyone out before the next group started.

I would guess altogether there were maybe 75-100 applicants.
There was one swimmer that had to be picked up by a life guard on a long surf board, transported to a jet ski and then brought to shore. Oh, how embarrassing. The shore was lined with friends and family cheering on the applicants.
After the 1000 yard swim. The announcer said this was the toughest competition in the state park life guard history. He encouraged those that didn't make it to come back next year and take master swimming classes and do "lots of body surfing."

They were only able to select the top 15 swimmers to proceed to the next physical test.

As they called out the last of the numbers, it was heart breaking to see so many fast swimmers disappointed. I think a couple of first timers made it (they stood out in bathing suits - returning LG all wore wet suits).

There was only about a 10 minute break between the 1000 yard competitive swim and the next test; the Run/Swim/Run test.
The applicants had to run 200 yards, jumped into the surf, swimming 400 yards out around another buoy and back.
Then run the 200 yards back to the starting line.

Very, Impressive.

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