Sunday, April 26, 2009

My one indulgence

Jim calls me an easy keeper (maybe that is why we have been married for 37 years).

I can go from the bed to coffee, shower, and out the door in a half hour. Towel dried hair is fine with me; a little lipstick and I am good to go. The quick hair cut places are just as good as the expensive ones as my hair always does what it wants anyway -no matter the cut. I color it with hair dye that is on sale. I've thought about letting it just go gray, but then another good sale pops up.

I have never had a message,nor do I want one. BUT, the one indulgence I love is a pedicure. Having a pedicure during sandal weather is the ultimate indulgence for me. A manicure is a waste, as the polish chips within a day. For some reason, a pedicure doesn't chip and lasts nicely until the next time.

I think I have just talked myself into a nice relaxing pedicure today!

1 comment:

  1. nice, I too love a pedicure and always get one just before a holiday south. Now I have had a few massages, but mainly for medical reasons, but last year I splurged and had a massage on board the Star Princess up in the Sanctuary.

    At first I was nevervous because of the indulgence, there are so many other ways I should spend that $100 but Bernie insisted I go. And it was out of this world the best experience I ever had.