Monday, April 13, 2009

Role reversal

There is a time in life when the adult children start taking on the parental role to their parents. I am not sure when this is SUPPOSE to happen but I saw evidence it WAS happening this weekend.

Our two adult children came to visit us for Easter. When I found out they were coming, I made sure we had enough eggs to dye, a chocolate bunny for each of them and Peeps sitting on a bed of Irish moss. Hey, I know they are too old for baskets - Laura is 31 and Jeff is 27 years old!

Okay, I admit, I was the one that suggested we try the toothpick jousting Peeps in the microwave. They humored me and came to watch (the yellow peep got an early lead and stabbed the pink one to win the match).

When we went out, they drove. True, Jim's collar bone is still healing from his recent bike crash in Vietnam. Still, I believe he would rather have either one of them drive - and so would I.

Jeff opens the door for me and makes sure I have my seat belt on. He did this so naturally - it made me smile. When we were in PetSmart, I tried a new harness on Bailey. I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for her so I walked her around the store. When we were leaving, Jeff asked me if I remembered to pay for it-yes!

Laura is an amazing advocate for me with my medical stuff and was for Jim when he was injured. She still is so protective it makes us feel good.

Coming out of our favorite Mexican Restaurant they were both ahead of us. When we caught up with them in the parking lot, they were talking with an lady, dressed in her Easter finery, who told me she was 88 years old. She was parked next to us and had a flat tire.

We observed Laura offering to change the tire and Jeff doing the actual change. While Jeff was changing the tire, Laura looked like an operating room nurse as she handed him the jack, pulled the spare from the trunk and put things away. Jim and I just stood there as we watched our two offspring jump into action to help a stranger. They had the tire changed in less than 10 minutes.

I think back at all the times I worried if they would grow up to be giving, loving adults. I realized I didn't have to worry at all.

We had a wonderful Easter - even if they did "forget" the eggs I dyed for them :)


  1. I guess I am one of those daughters that feel like she is now mothers her mother. I don't know how Mom feels about it, but I do notice that I am the one that needs to find the patience as she is slower, gets frustrated easily and just isn't as mobile as she use to be. Thanks for showing us a Mother's perspective.

  2. Yes, and my stepmother commented to me that she remembers when they started full--time RV traveling, I was the one that INSISTED they get a cell phone! It is a strange time for both parties.