Monday, April 20, 2009

Frumpy and Invisible

If you have been living in a cave for the last couple of weeks (or have a life) you might not have seen the number one You Tube video.
Believe me, it is worth the 3 minutes to watch it click here.

I believe the reason it is on top is because it reminds us of ourselves.

We know we have something wonderful to offer the world, if only people wouldn't judge us before they get to know our inner strengths and talents.

Remember the store clerks in the movie Pretty Woman? Julia Robert's character has a lot of money to spend but was dressed as a hooker - so they ignore her - Big Mistake.

I think of the person that doesn't get a job because they are fat or not as "polished" or disabled, has tattoos ,or is just different than the interviewer thinks they should look.

But the video is also successful because we see ourselves rolling our eyes and smirking when Ms. Boyle first came onstage.

I confess, I identified with both perspectives.

It is humbling to be reminded again that you can't judge books -or people - by their covers.


  1. I agree completely. Also, BGT managed another shocker in the prior season with Paul Potts' audition. Also worth checking out...

  2. Thanks Kevin, his also gave me goose bumps!

  3. Very well said Darcie, I remember one day in my early twenties sitting with a girlfriend who is stunning to look at but couldn't form a sentence to save herself. About four men joined our table to chat and they just ignored me and focussed on her!

    I had it and said to them "are you really falling for this - while pointing to her" and I left.

    Of course with age comes wisdom and now I know am a stronger woman and I am frumpy and overweight and I don't wear makeup every day, and my hair isn't always in place.

    But I have a lot to offer, and so do all of us, it is just finding it.