Thursday, April 23, 2009

The results of the complaint to California State

Some may remember me writing about the incident that happened at Crystal Cove State Park where a ranger denied my right to walk on the beach with my service dog, Bailey. The saga is recounted here.

I did file a formal complaint against the ranger and asked for two things, 1) that the park be provided ADA training, specially related to service dogs and 2) A formal complaint be put in the personnel file of "Ranger Rick".

Yesterday, I received a call from the "Human Rights Office, Department of Parks and Recreation. " The representative was very pleasant and wanted to let me know the results their investigation.

First, ADA training was provided to all the rangers in that district and the south district. They even shared the access information I provided to other parks in the state.

Second, Ranger Rick was "counselled." She stated they have a progressive discipline policy and they could not skip the verbal counselling step. Having worked in personnel, I understand that policy.

The Human Rights Officer asked me if I was satisfied. Yes.

I was so flabbergasted that California State Park employees had not had any ADA training, related to service dogs, that I felt I had to file the formal complaint in order to initiate change.

Case Closed.

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