Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Why can't I just think of paying the taxes the same as paying any another bill?
Anything marked IRS or County Tax Assessor, puts an immediate stress load on me the equivalent of a Mack truck.

I was writing checks for the property taxes. I am so afraid of making a mistake. I just have this paranoid fear about missing a tax payment, the check getting lost in the mail, the clerk not crediting the right account.
Then I have to take it INSIDE the post office to make sure it gets a date stamp. The thought process ends somewhere with me being hauled off to jail in front of my family and neighbors by burly IRS guys . Then they put padlocks on my front door.

Totally illogical, but I go through that twice a year with property taxes, then for state and finally federal.
I hear the federal prisons are much nicer - but that is probably just a rumor.
I am so happy we mailed our state and federal taxes today. We did not wait until the last minute - this time.
edited 4/14/09

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