Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fantastic Frugalistic Flea Market

There is one more day at the Fantastic Frugulistic Flea Market at Cypress School in Redding!

Today, Sunday, it will be open from 8 -2; but things were selling fast. It is inside the Gym, so it it a perfect rainy day activity and don't forget to get one of the best hot dogs I have had in a long time.
Yesterday, I helped my sister, Dennie with her table. She was downsizing from a large ranch house to a smaller house in town. She actually made the move 8 months ago but has had a storage unit filled with boxes. The difficulty is always what to keep. Is it needed? Have you used it in the last year? Are you going to use it in the next year?
It seems obvious to me, but so many people have trouble deciding what to let go. She fits the latter category. Dennie remembers the story of how she acquired every item or who gave it to her. She had a paperback, "How to feed a family on $16.00 per week" she got it in 1972. (Okay, that didn't sell, but we gave it to someone with a sense of humor!)

I am so proud of her. Not only did we sell out most of the stuff by mid morning, she went back to her storage unit and brought more boxes.
We gave away the few things left and she did take back the old Singer Sewing machine and will sell that separately. So, while we won't be there today, there are still plenty of sellers and wonderful bargains!

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