Thursday, May 14, 2009

The scale game

Am I the only one out there that plays the scale game?

Game one goes like this: before I shower in the morning, I step on the scale. That first number doesn't 'count' because we have a digital scale and the the numbers can change - or not - so I step off. I know the scale is in the exact same place each morning as we have 18 inch tiles in the bathroom and the scale is moved so the edge of the scale is even to the same grout lines.

So, step on, doesn't count, step off. Step on, different number, step off. Step on, slightly different number, step off. Step on.... this will continue until I have two numbers that are consistent. Once I have a number twice I can stop (I know, OCD).

The the results of this ritual will determine if I start the day in a good mood or mentally beat myself up. Why do I give the scale so much power over my happiness? Why can't I remember the night before (when the cravings hit) how I will feel in the morning?

I have tried weighing daily, weekly, monthly and not weighing - that last one was a BIG mistake, at least for me.

I am working hard at getting healthy and not letting that stupid scale dictate my mood; I know giving an inanimate object that much power over how my day begins is NOT healthy.

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