Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bailey spoils me

Bailey is my medical alert dog. But, she also performs mobility tasks, like helping me walk straight (by defining my left side boundary) and assists with depth perception. She will alert me if I have drop something. Bailey monitors my stamina which prevents me from stumbling. She will bark to alert others if I fall.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a check up with my new doctor. Bailey had not yet met her and so I took her to the appointment. It is hard to explain all the things Bailey does for me as each day is different in the way I can function. The appointment was late in the afternoon, (why do I even schedule them at that time?) of course, the doctor was running late.

By the time the doctor came into the exam room, I had little energy left. The doctor was in the middle of talking about medications, when Bailey put her paws on my shoulders. That alert action tells me it is time to slow down or rest. The doctor asked about the signal and I told her the meaning. She said, well, lets just listen to your heart for a minute. She listened, then immediately ordered an in-office EKG - later followed by an Echo and Stress test. The good news is a change of medication should help with the heart issues.

I was so proud of Bailey! It is hard enough to explain what Bailey is capable of doing for me, but to have her actually alert with the doctor there - and the doctor to be able to confirm her alerts -was amazing timing. I am sure the new doctor will not have a problem completing the form I need to take Bailey on a cruise in September.

Last Saturday, at the Frugalistic Flea Market, I was very tired after the morning onslaught of bargain hunters. Bailey was curled up under the table but jumped up on me, twice , to alert me to take a break. So if you saw a tired looking women, cuddling a dog on her lap, she was spoiling me - not the other way around.

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  1. Darce, I'm so glad Dr. Bailey is always on duty for you, and happy your meds got straightened out to help with your heart issues. Close call. xo