Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quest for the perfect table

College students and retirees often have small spaces in which to live. Finding functional furniture on a smaller scale can be a challenge. We downsized from a two story, 4 bedroom 3 bath home to our current home which has two bedrooms and is about 1300 sq feet about a year ago.

The house has plenty of room for two people. We have a small round table that seats 4 people in the kitchen nook. That is fine 90% of the time, but when we have guests for dinner it just isn't big enough.

I have been searching for creative solution since we moved. Obviously, I could get a larger dining table and put it in the open living room. The counter bar separates the living room from the kitchen. However, I really didn't want to take up that much space for a table we would only use when we had company.

We had many recommendations to checked the small space specialist, and college students best friend, IKEA. I had never been to an IKEA store, so I felt like a kid on a field trip. We had an enjoyable morning touring the big IKEA warehouse in West Sacramento. I did love how they had displays labeled with the square footage. For example, they had a tiny, but workable, two bedroom apartment that was a total of 640 sq. feet. Nice kitchen displays for studio apartments or lofts. We really had fun looking at the creative use storage and furniture. Here I would surely, find the table I had visualized for the space-nope.

The Internet came to the rescue again. After looking for almost a year, I found a wooden table that folds three ways. First, it is a console table (top picture) that we have under the window towards the entry way. Pull it out, and fold over the top, it expands to a square table that seats four (perfect for playing games or cards). Pull it out some more, drop two leaves in it and it expands to seat 6-8. I was also impressed with the folding chairs that look more like regular chairs than folding chairs. I love creative solutions to lifes little problems.It is perfect - once again I am shown it pays to be patient.

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