Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet Dates

I had an Internet date this evening. I am actually getting pretty good at them and I can see why so many people now meet on the Internet.

This time, the date was with Bill and Donna from New York and Janet, from Hope, Whales. I met them on the Internet several days ago. We were all going to be staying at the same place this week in Newport Beach and thought it would be nice to meet in person.

We met tonight for drinks by the pool. Jim and I were easy to spot with Bailey at my feet. It was fun.
`Janet gave us a new appreciation for how lucky we are to be able to drive here. She and her family flew 22 hours to spend their 'holiday' here. She spent last year here and is planning on requesting this same week next year.

Bill and Donna said how impressed they were with California drivers. They related the story of driving out of the parking lot of Costco and another driver actually waved them ahead to merge in front of them. They were astonished! I suggested they would really like Northern California.

The last time we had an Internet date was on a cruise to Mexico. For a full year before the cruise, we talked to people - online - that were going on the same ship ( By the time we sailed, we had a group of wonderful friends that made the cruise extra special. We still have friends from that cruise and keep in touch on Facebook.

With an Internet bulletin board or forum for every group or hobby, it is so much easier now to meet people with the same interests. Isn't technology amazing?
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