Monday, May 4, 2009

Old Singer Sewing Machine

I used a picture of my sister, Dennie's, old Singer sewing machine yesterday in my blog about the Frugalistic Flea Market. The funny thing is she she really didn't know what to ask for the sewing machine and thought it was made "sometime in the 30's." Some one at the flea market said it was worth about $300, so Dennie asked $100. It didn't sell at that so she brought it home.

Once home she did some research on the machine. Here is what she found:
The the sewing machine was made in 1926 in Elizabeth, NJ. She found a couple that are similar on Ebay, a couple of 1928's (but not a single 1926 or 1927). She is going to an Antique dealer for an appraisal. Apparently there were a lot of copy cats made in 1928 in Germany, England, and Egypt but hers is a true Singer made in NJ with the manufacture date.
So what do you think it is worth?


  1. The decals look pretty good, the dome case seems whole if a bit battered, and you still have the key... if it works well, you might get $50 to $75 for it in the right place. They don't have a lot of antique value, and most people want a zigzag function. However, people who value durability like the old ones (I do).

  2. I see plenty of them on ebay with the dresser attached going for almost $1,000