Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Retirement mode

There is something that happens to the way you schedule appointments when you retire. When I was working, I would have 3 or 4 meetings before lunch, do grocery shopping or errands on my lunch hour and finish the workday with afternoon appointments, followed by completing all the paperwork generated from the appointments.
Then it seemed the second part of the day began with after school sports, homework, dinner, household chores and planning for the next day schedule.

The first year of retirement, the schedule drops down to 2 or 3 appointments or errands per day. At first, it seems boring. Soon enough, it is as busy as one wants to be ; especially since it takes so much longer to get going in the morning.

Lingering over coffee while reading the online news, checking email, and taking a stab at crossword puzzles, Sudoku or Free Cell takes precedent to rushing out the front door at 7:15.

In the second year of retirement, having one a appointment a day seems like a busy schedule. Then slowly it changes to a busy week is having 2-3 appointments in the WHOLE week.

I am busy. There is always more things to do in the house and yard than there seems to be time to do it. Activities and events in our community are numerous and keep us going. Those mandatory appointments are just a pain - and worth avoiding!


  1. I absolutely know what you are talking about! I'm so busy having fun, that I neglect my home chores!
    I concentrate on what is the most fun or the most important...an let the little things go.

  2. Dear Darcie - Well I did it - I had the hip replacement April 7th and am doing pretty well...of course I am wishing it was a faster recovery but anyways - back to your blog...

    I totally understand that whole busy week thing -even with being off work - it's amazing to me how "busy" I am just doing silly stuff! How did I find time to work and still get all the stuff done that I do now? Funny huh?

    I'd like to get together sometime and do lunch if you are interested - maybe compare notes on the hip subject. Take care and keep up the good blogging! Laurie (Davis)