Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look, Risso Dolphins!

What a day on the ocean watching the dolphins play with us. Here are some pictures of them playing alongside the boat. We saw many pods with dozens of dolphins. Captain Dave explained that they were Risso dolphins - normally very shy. This day, they were so playful he attributed the frolicking to the young age of the dolphins. They would swim alongside the catamaran putting on a show for us.
My favorite 'act' was the large white dolphin that swam between the two pontoons of the boat while we were traveling at a fast clip - almost as if saying, "follow me for a great time."
I am not a photographer. It was hard to get pictures of the dolphins. By the time I saw them, focused and took the picture, they had gone back under the water. The
top two pictures are mine, however, the one below, of the Risso dolphin, is from Wikipedia. It shows the whale-like shape of this dolphin and the coloring. It was a day to treasure.

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  1. The water alone is lovely. What a treat to add the dolphins. I've never experienced that. So glad you are having fun!