Monday, May 25, 2009

I am not ready to give in

For the last couple of months I have been struggling with the decision about not coloringCheck Spelling my hair any longer. I know it would be better not to put chemicals on my hair. The picture to the left is the top of my colored head.
My grandmother had such beautiful white hair, it would love it to be like that. But I don't think I am quite there yet with the ratio of white hair as the middle picture shows.

I have let it go several weeks past the time I should have colored it. The temples are are definitely white, but white enough? I don't think so yet.

I love the way Jamie Lee Curtis' hair looks on this cover of AARP. Of course, it is not just her hair which gives her that confident look.
The decision is made. I an not ready to look 10-15 years older. Tomorrow I am going to the store and getting some hair color. Or maybe I should go get my hair trimmed and she how it looks after cutting off a an inch of color. My hair is only several inches long anyway.
Help! why is this such a big decision for me?

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