Friday, January 30, 2009


This is Bailey working in the Read 2 Rover program. We go to the library once a week to find children lined up out the community room door. About twelve dogs (with their human partners) are scattered about the room. Sizes range from a little Yorkie to a big Collie and everything in between.

The children sit next to the first available dog with a book they have picked out. They tell the dog what they are going to read and sometimes what happened in their day or what kind of dog they have at home. Then they start reading. The reading levels range from letter recognition to reading adult books.

If it is the child's first time to the program, they are given a bookmark with one of the dogs pictures at the top. For every book they read out loud, they receive a paw stamp on their bookmark. When they collect 10 stamps, they are rewarded with a free book to take home.

Bailey is very patient and likes to put her head on the reader's lap. She never rushes them or laughs if they stumble on a word. The humans are told to just be there and not interact unless the child asks for help. It seems that 90% of the time, a child struggling with a word given enough time, will sound it out themselves (okay, I can't keep quiet then, I have to say something like, good job or you're right!). I am surprised how much improvement there is week to week.

RX Pets is starting a similar program called R.E.A.D. at the Redding library.
All dog are registered Delta Society® Pet Partners®. The dogs have been well screened and are insured. For more information about RX Pets, contact :
Donna Conrad 276-9164 /

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