Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting Orgainized

I have always been somewhat organized. Okay, it may have looked like a mess to an outsider but I always knew where to find my stuff. This was true for work and home environments.

Early on in our marriage, we agreed I would write the checks for the bills and take care of the household paperwork and Jim would do the taxes. I always felt I got the better end of the deal!
At work, I was often complimented on my "organizational skills". Skills? What skills ? It is just just common sense, I thought.

It has been 3.5 years since I have felt organized or had common sense. This is not just one of those New Year's resolution of "oh, I must get organized" this is a vital skill needed to live independently.

Does that sound overly dramatic?

Trust me it is not. It took this long after the stroke to even think I might be able to be responsible for taking on some of the tasks of managing our household paperwork. I am ready to try again. I have been taking baby steps; and I mean baby steps.

When I awoke after my stroke. I was able to talk and while I found it hard to think of words or use some words appropriately, I was very blessed to have my speech. It wasn't until I tried to play a game of Free Cell on the computer -a daily ritual before the stroke- did I realize I had no idea what the symbols on the cards meant! I could name a 3 of hearts or 5 of spades, but was a three higher or lower than a five? I literally was going back to pre-school math. Thank goodness there are more home school children; it has resulted in a large number of self paced tutorials and coursework available free online. At the end of the second year, post stroke (PS), my goal was to be able to handle money and make change. Which leads me to coping skills.

At this point in my life - PS, and a baby boomer- I need all the coping skills I can get. For example, before I could count money, I could pay for things with a credit card. I didn't have to worry about giving the cashier the right amount of money or getting proper change; just verify the amount and sign my name. Baby Steps.

The first thing I realize when trying to get the household business organized is I don't know where to find everything I need. The stamps are in the junk drawer, the envelopes are on top of the desk; in, get this, AN ORGANIZER. The mail (read bills) are on the counter and every time I need a pen or pencil I can't find one. Then because of my memory, I have to write myself notes. So I have a To Do List; Grocery List; family birthday list - oops did those get moved over to 2009 calendar.
Oh wait, did we get a 2009 calendar?

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