Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oprah and Me

I feel a kindred spirit to Oprah. I am sure thousands of people do. But I have good reasons!

1) Not only were we both born in 1954, on January 29th, but we were born within the same hour.

2) In 1986, I went on a liquid fast and lost 70 pounds. I started the same time Oprah did; but of course, I didn't know that until she came out on stage pulling her little red wagon with 67 pounds of animal fat. Like Oprah, I swore I would never shop in plus size stores again.

3) We are both very intelligent women. We usually feel in control of our lives- with the one exception of weight.

4) Like Oprah, I have gain and lost that same weight over and over - interestingly, when I look back over the years, when her weight has been down I tend to be down. Right now, we are both pushing our highest - again.

5) Like Oprah, it is no longer about how I look. It is my life and the quality of my life.

6) I too, changed doctors (however, mine was due to moving) and have a calendar full of doctor appointments for complete physicals and check ups.

7) Oprah stated today on her TV show that it doesn't matter how much money, fame or materials things you may have; If you don't have your health you cannot enjoy life. I speak from personal experience when I say that is so true.

She is doing a "Best Life Week with Dr. Oz this week. I think I will join.


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