Saturday, January 10, 2009

Learning Tolerance

We often hear that we are shown what we need to learn. I didn't need to have a stroke to know I need more patience.

My tolerance for other people varies depending on their known ability and skills. For example, if I was working with a client with dementia or reduced capacity, I would have all the patience in the world. However, I hate inefficient systems -especially when it causes hardship for the person it's suppose to be serving.

When I had to change doctors due to relocation, it was explained to me that the new medical system was all computerized, in real time, and every doctor within the UCD system would have immediate records, charting and medication changes. Hip Hip Hooray! That was such welcome news to someone who now has difficulty filling out forms. I can't read the small print, I can't write very legibly (thank goodness for computers), and I certainly can't seem to keep the printing within the boxes.

My excitement for the new system was short lived. I see a number of specialists (all within the UCD system). Each office gives you a clipboard with the same forms on it. List medications on the form? They have got to be kidding! There are too many and the names are too long to fit in boxes. Isn't the information on the form the same information that the fancy computer system was suppose to have available for every doctor in the system? Then, after the forms are fill out, they take you back to the exam room and ask the exact same questions again. Can't they read? Why fill out the forms? I want to explode!

It really can't be that hard to have a universal intake form. Please, let me make a dozen copies of my form and I will promise to take one with me to each doctor's appointment, sign it, and hand to the receptionist. What is so hard about that? I am going to take a typed sheet of my medications. I will print SEE ATTACHED in the little box. If they don't like they can fill in those itsy-bitsy boxes themselves!

Please don't give me any more opportunity to learn tolerance. I am still working on the lessons presented at doctor's offices.

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  1. Yeah, small fill-in boxes on forms suck. Like you, my hand writing sucks. I have to be in a certain position and write slowly for it to be readable. But the slowly has its own problems when my thinking gets far ahead of the end of the pen or pencil.