Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please, sir, more.........

Prednisone is a wonder drug, there is no question about. It can make a huge difference in your health - and a HUGE difference in your appetite!
My first experience with Prednisone was when I came home from the hospital after the stroke. So weak I could not stand without assistance, I was reliant on others for my meals.
Those meals were truly the highlight of the day I would spend hours wondering what I was going to be served with my stomach rumbling the entire time. When meal time finally came, I was always disappointed with the serving size. A cup of soup and crackers to me does not mean exactly 8 oz. of soup and 3 small crackers. Please sir... more. I was hungry all the time!
I am recovering from a wicked bout of flu that decided to settle in my lungs. Sure enough, one of the three medications prescribed was prednisone. EEEK, and at the same time as all my New Year resolutions of healthy eating and portion control. It was exactly the same hunger pangs. I would fix a nice healthy dinner with appropriate potions. I was satisfied - for 10 minutes. Then I would start thinking, gosh, what can we have tonight for a snack. But the reality for me on Prednisone is there are never enough "snacks" to make me feel full.
I took the last Prednisone dose today. I am feeling so much better. It IS a wonder drug, and I am so glad to be finished taking it - now, about those New Year's resolutions....

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