Thursday, January 8, 2009

It is not my job anymore

I know some people think that I just like to be in control, but that is not the reason I feel compelled to offer my "help".

I have lost so many bits of myself in the last few years, it is just hard to figure out who is left.

It is not all bad, some roles are lost because of success, for example, raising children. The goal of every mother is to prepare her children to be productive, independent adults. Success!

Losing my career was different. I loved my job. I believe strongly in the purpose of the organization where I worked and felt I might have even been helpful in contributing to the mission of the agency. But there comes a time when new energy is needed and your heart tells you it is time to move on - even though it is hard to let go. For 30 years I had been a social worker, helping people experiencing crisis. I provided support, referrals, resources and tools to enable clients to better themselves or their situation. It is not easy to turn that off, but it is even tougher to be the one needing help.

I have to learn I am no longer in the role of social worker and just listen. I didn't think that would be so difficult for me - or others.

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