Friday, January 9, 2009

Money saving tip # 1

Pssst, do you want to save money without even trying? Do not go to stores or the mall! Take a list to the grocery store and only buy what is on the list.

Are you an online shopper like me? CLEAN OUT your email subscriptions.
When we moved, I did a vast amount of shopping online to set up our new house. Everything from bedroom furniture and a fireplace to kitchen dish towels and trash cans.

Daily my inbox has exciting sales. They scream TAKE 80% OFF; TWO FOR ONE; ACT NOW, LIMITED TIME OFFER. It is hard not to look at them and think "but it is such a good deal" maybe I should order it. The solution; I have unsubscribed to all vendors. If I need something in the future I am sure I can find them again.

A secondary benefit from cleanng out my email box. It takes AT LEAST 50% OFF the time it takes me to go through email in the morning - now that's true savings!

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  1. Nice to read your post on my blog (, and have you as a "follower." However, the Watters Family photo blog that you are following won't get any updating (it is for east-coasters to track us), so it is probably best if you switch followings.
    I started my "Life Without Clots" blog at back in Jan. '06 (my stroke was Mar. '02) when Kelly Brewer asked me if I wanted to do a blog (I was in Imaging). Since retiring from the RS, I have launched a LWC at both blogspot and wordpress, figuring it is about time to get away from (and earn money with click ads---like anybody bothers to click-grin). At this time, I dis-favor wordpress, but it has more features when I want to really get into it.