Saturday, January 3, 2009

The changing experience of going to the movies

It is interesting how the decades change our movie preferences and how we enjoy watching movies. In high school, we all knew every movie that was out and when a particular movie might be coming to town. Somewhere in that time period they started dividing up the theaters into 4 plexes, then 6, then 8 plexes. The closest theater to us now has 16 screens. Today, I usually have no idea (or care) what is playing at the theater.

One would think that with several mega theaters all within a 10 mile radius there might be a movie that I would like to see -all the time. Not so; it is rare that I want to go to the theater. The cost, the crowds, the rude people that answer or make cell phone calls, text, talk loudly, kick the back of your seat; the LOUD audio, 20 minutes of previews/ads, bright flashes, and manic scene changes. The surround sound, bright colors and special effects were the very things that made seeing a movie in a theater more exciting. Now it is usually just uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, on Christmas Day, the family decided we would like to see Marley and Me. We have never considered going to a movie on Christmas day. But it was a nice relaxed day with only four adults that agreed it would be fun. I had no idea what to expect on Christmas Day. Would the theater even be opened? would it be empty or crowded?

We knew it was open and crowded approaching the parking lot. But, there are 16 other screens and we were there as soon as the box office opened, so decided to take a chance. Three of us went to the theater line while the other went to get tickets. He came back shaking his head, SOLD OUT! How can that be? We were there when when the box office opened. Apparently, everyone else knows to buy tickets online or the previous day.

So, we will wait until after the Holidays are over and the kids are back in school to see Marley and Me. Then we can go on a Tuesday for the BARGAIN price of $7:50 instead of the regular adult price of $12.50. Or maybe I will just add it to my Netflix and wait. Sigh, I didn't think I would sound like senior citizen so soon.

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