Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Great Movie Experience!

Several weeks ago, I wrote about my feelings on going to the movies. I hate the crowds, the loud audio, flashy scenes, people kicking the back of my seat, cells phones going off, people talking loudly, etc. etc.

I will have to eat my words and take it all back, as tonight we had the most enjoyable movie going experience. We drove up from our new home in Elk Grove to Redding to see the Dinner and Movie presentation of Babette's feast at the beautiful Cascade Theatre.

First, There were very welcoming ticket takers and ushers. The concession stand was selling popcorn, drinks and candy but since we had just come from dinner and knew we would be treated to chocolate truffles (more on that later) we gathered our will power and made it to our seats.

Second, The seats were very nice and after getting a chance to greet some old friends, the movie started. I was expecting subtitles with this foreign film but they had English audio, and, get this, it was at a very appropriate level! My ears were not ringing from the volume when we left the theatre.

Third, no one kicked the back of my seat, and there were NO distractions from the audience during the movie. What there was was laughter, and joint reactions to various scenes. It was truly an experience of old - I enjoyed the entire ambiance!

Fourth, and the best part was after the movie, Doni Greenberg and Nancy Matthews (of Chocolate de Nannette's) came on stage to do a cooking demonstration. Carmona's appliances transformed the stage into a set worthy of the Food Network. Heck, they even had cameras pointed at the stove and counter tops so the audience could see what was happening as the two of them taught, talked, joked and laughed; just like they were in their own kitchen. Nancy started with chocolate melting over the stove. They then moved onto preparing truffles. Doni demonstrated her chocolate lemon leaves and apricots dipped in chocolate. It was fabulous.

Fifth, WE ALL GOT SAMPLES OF THE TRUFFLES AND CHOCOLATE DIPPED APRICOTS. Yes, everyone in the audience received samples. The chocolate was amazing, but anyone who has ever savored one of Nanette's chocolates already knows how fantastic they taste. Nancy even shares her recipe for French Style Dark chocolate Truffles with the readers of

Sixth, it was so nice to be back in Redding for the event. I was able to see old friends and meet new ones. People milled around after the demonstration and caught up with their friends and neighbors. I heard laughter and saw people hugging each other.

My only regret is that with my limited stamina and vision, I missed some people and found it hard to focus on conversations by the end of the evening.

What a wonderful community event.

I love our new neighborhood but once we are out of the actual neighborhood, I haven't got that sense of community that we had when we lived in Redding.

I do miss that.


  1. Oh Darcie, it was so great to see you! We've missed you! Thanks for coming tonight. It was a lot of fun for me, too. See you soon. xod

  2. the dipped apricots was a new idea for me; dried fruit with chocolate. Then again, I have always liked trail mix with fruits and choco-bits, so it should come as no surprise.