Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zumba Gold

I tried a Zumba Gold class. How embarrassing - but I won't give up.

I am trying to do more each day but my balance issues just won't go away. Nevertheless, I decided to give Zumba Gold a try. It is offered at our community center for $6.00 a class or $20.00 for the month. I made the commitment, I am going to stick with it. Hopefully my knee will hold out (I just finished a series of three shots, so this is the best it will be), and I hope I won''t fall on my face.

I stick out like a sore thumb. I have to go to the back and hang on to a chair- how much rhythm can you have hanging onto a chair?

I can't look up or swing my head or body from side to side. What I can do is step in place to get my heart rate up and sit in the chair and do the upper body stuff while my feet tap and enjoy the music and laughter.

A half an hour into it, Sally, the instructor, asked the class-all seniors- if we were warmed up yet. The class said yes. Sally said, Okay - lets take a water break and then we will rive it up!

I slipped out the side door, dripping sweat and holding onto the wall for balance.
I will go back next week - after all, they have my money .


  1. Hey,
    Whenever I get frustrated by not doing things I think I should be doing, I remind myself,"I am not in a wheelchair and drooling." Works every time.
    I can sympathize with the balance issue. While I can stand and have a relatively good sense of balance, if I get off center, I can not recover due to the spasticity/rigidity of my right leg. Be great if I could walk in place, but I can't. Shucks, even a simple thing like wiggling my toes is out.

  2. Darcie, you can do it. Be kind to yourself, pace yourself and don't worry about keeping up with everyone else. As they say in Jazzercise (great, I'm quoting Jazzercise!) - the most important thing is to keep moving. xod