Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Games with a purpose

When we told friends we were moving to a retirement community, we were often asked what we would do with our time. The flip answer 'anything we want!' Then I would described all the activities, card games, photography classes, potlucks, water aerobics, crafts, book clubs, group travel, etc. One friend said, "just shoot me."

What I have come to appreciate is the daily schedule of activities is not about the games. Rather, the games are the event that pries people out of their homes to be together with neighbors. Eventually, neighbors become friends.

When someone takes a vacation, there are plenty of offers to pick up mail, water plants or pet sit. When someone is having difficulty the are not alone as there are many offers to help in whatever manner possible.Jim will be away for 3 weeks towards the end of the month. The card players know that and gave me their phone numbers insisting I call if I need ANYTHING. I know these are sincere offers because we all look out for each other.

It reminds me of our college days when all we could afford for entertainment was to get together with other students to play cards, share a meal or watch a movie together. The friends we made then are among our dearest friends today. Maybe we are trying to re-capture those college days. If so, that's fine by me as that was cherished period in my life.

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