Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missed Step - Barking dogs

Last night our community had a town hall meeting. The purposed was to discuss concerns/ask questions of he Home Owners Association(HOA).

One resident asked what could be done about her neighbor's barking dogs. She stated the dogs barked from the time the man left for work until he got home.

The responses astounded me!

Fill out a form and turn in to the HOA yelled out one person.
Call animal control, said another.
No, call the police, it is disturbing your peace and quiet, boomed a voice in the crowd.

I listened for a few minutes, but anyone who knows me, knows I speak my mind- or am "unfiltered" as my family calls it.

"May I make a suggestion? Why don't you speak to the neighbor, He may not even be aware his dogs bark, since it sounds like they don't bark when he is home."

Duh, wasn't there a missed step? What ever happened to people just talking to each other?

It is not like we live in a dangerous area, this is a retirement community for heaven sakes. I know I would appreciate a neighbor letting us know if we were disturbing their peace; like if our water feature is too loud - but more on that later.

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