Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's okay for them but not us!

Why is it okay for contractors, repair people and service technicians to be late but we are expected to be on time. When a service provider is actually on time, I can't praise them enough - and I keep their name and number for the future. Second best is a courtesy call that they are running late.

When we had the 90 day inspection of our new home. They noticed a seam was not right on the carpet. The installer blamed the manufacturer. The inspector called the manufacture representative out. He looked at the seam and confirmed there was a flaw. So they agreed to replace the living room carpet AND the master bedroom carpet, as the carpet runs into our bedroom from the living room. Seems like a little much for the tiny flaw. But they know better than I - it will probably get worse so now is the time to replace it.

We were asked asked how early can the the movers come to move the furniture. When do you want to come? Is 7:00AM too early? No. So we get up early and move the pictures and knicknacs.

An hour and half later we are still waiting.

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