Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spam - never ceases to amaze me

Do people just sit around thinking of ways they could scam the public?
How does that work?
Hey, I've got an idea, lets send out mass emails claiming to be from an 'ex' so we can gather valid email addresses, charge subscriptions, steal money, etc.

Good scammers know they have to appeal to emotions such as greed. The chance to get rich quick by helping someone transport money out of the country fits this category. It has to be successful as the scam is still in operation judging from my daily emails.

The one I received today played on the emotions people feel towards an ex-spouse. It was mass mailed and screamed "YOUR EX IS TRYING TO REACH YOU"

Statistically, they are going to hit a large number of people that have an 'Ex'. Of those, many will let their emotions about the ex get to them and click on the link. Bingo, they now have a valid email address.
I don't know what other action or request they then made, because I didn't click on the link, but I bet they wanted a subscription or to tell you the ex had money for you and all you have to do is..............

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