Saturday, February 7, 2009

The right move

We lived 25 years in our Redding neighbor-hood; without really knowing our neighbors. We may have known their names, but it was more likely we knew the names of their children. We would wave and greet them when we saw them but there was never any socializing. Who had time? Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to work 40 hours a week and had many after school activities.

Now we are retired and moved to a brand new retirement community. New residents anxiously watch the foundations of their houses being poured. They invite friends to tour the open rooms of the just-framed house. Current residents make a point to introduce themselves and answer any questions about the community. There is apprehension about moving and changing lifestyles. Most of us downsized significantly. What should one take? How does one take the things you have come to love and squeeze them into a house half the size?

The day finally arrives when the escrow closes. There is yet another walk through with the developer. But this one is different. There is a banner across the open garage door, the keys are handed over and the neighbors come out of their houses to welcome the new residents in celebration.
This was the right move.

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