Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It has always fascinated me how people remember things. I am a visual learner and my memory resembles slides in a mutimedia presentation.

Where are the keys? A picture of them, on the kitchen island, appears in my mind's eye. What do we need at the store? I visualize holding an empty container or throwing away the box. What is John's number? I see a video of the last time I called him - with a close up of the numbers.

I used to have somewhat of a photographic memory. I could read the newspaper or a book and remember the exact location of text - particularly helpful in college.

My sister laughed at the way I described 'filing' information in my mind. Imagine a virtual Rolodex with tab headings, helpful hints, numbers, studies, trivia or dates. There was no end to my Rolodex - or so I thought.

I feel betrayed by my mind. It is now smiliar to Swiss cheese. I recall stupid trivia but can't remember something that happened to me this month. I can recite phone numbers from 30 years ago but can't remember my current cell phone number- it's a blank screen.

I remember how I used to function and wish I didn't.


  1. But remember that you are improving. One of the best things I do is periodically flash back to what I couldn't do and what I can do now. The day-to-day seems like no progress, but doing a month-to-month or every few months works wonders for the pride of accomplishment.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I know that you, as a stroke survivor too, understand the frustrations of some days -heck, some moments. I do try hard not to let those overshadow the progress I have made and I am very blessed and grateful.