Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phone calls in the middle of the night are never good

I hate the phone to ring in the middle of the night. My heart sinks before I even answer it. This morning at 5:00 AM. It was Laura, our daughter who is on a bicycling trip through Vietnam with her dad.

she is so good in that she said, "First, we are fine but we got to experience the Vietnam medical system." Jim took a 'spill' and fractured his collar bone according to her. He will need surgery and would I make an appointment with the doctor for when he gets home. No other details, she was borrowing a phone. She promised to email more. This is the email:

Of course the Internet connection is really slow here so my message will have to be short (there is a line for the only computer). Dad is doing fine but is in a little discomfort. We have pain meds for him and have a brace that keeps his shoulder immobilized. Fortunately there is a radiologist from Seattle on this trip and he confirmed what the doctor at the hospital said. We have the X-rays for Dad to take to his doctor. Ideally they would like to do surgery, but there shouldn't be any harm in waiting until he gets home. Dad is adamant that we don't go home early even though I have pressed him several times. Especially since at least for him riding is over for a couple of months although the doctor said he could do it one handed. However, his daughter will not allow that.

Dad had x-rays, an exam, 2 braces, immobilization, and debridement all for the grand total of $40. Our guide was amazed that I thought it would cost at least $1500.
Hope all is going well with you!

I hate not being with him, but it sounds like their adventure continues.....

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  1. Ohh, man, poor Jim! I am so sorry to hear about his injury! What a trooper. Well, as one bicyclist to another, I can understand his reluctance to give up his chance to do this amazing trip. I hope he doesn't end up in too much discomfort and can enjoy the rest of his adventure without this taking too much away from it.