Monday, March 2, 2009

I can see!

After a couple of months of new vision tests and studies at UC Davis, I finally received my prism glasses. The difference they make in my vision is nothing short of amazing. I was trying not to get too excited during the long two week wait from the time they were fitted to when they arrived at my doorstep. The doctor said they may even help with my balance - but they would take some time to get used to wearing.

Since my stroke, my vision has been getting progressively worse. It was like the end scene of a cartoon where the screen narrows in a circle until it is completely black. Complete tunnel vision. There isn't a problem with the health of my eyes, but rather, the way my brain encodes the information the eyes see. If it wasn't for Bailey, I would not have been able to even get around.

Now, the possibility that I might be able to get around without her is astounding to me. I am trying not to get ahead of myself but after wearing them for most of the day, I am so thankful and happy - I am walking around the house with a silly smile on my face! The dogs think I am nuts, I keep getting up and walking around, inside outside, at the computer, at the sink. I could even drive again!


  1. Thank heavens for special adaptive gizmos to help the brain decode what it is processing. It still baffles me when I KNOW that it is the brain's inability, but apparatus external to the brain help.

  2. hey, would you please have Jim (when he gets back from 'Nam) add my blog to your Blog List? I would be so grateful for the exposure.
    It is It would make me a Happy Camper!!!!