Thursday, March 19, 2009

An 'Aha' moment

In 1999, I was a social worker. I was transporting a 10 year old foster child from Butte County to Shasta County. It was a beautiful spring day.

At one point, he said it was getting warm in the car. I suggested he roll down the window. He looked at me puzzled and asked where the button was located. I explained I did not have power windows and he he would have to roll them down with the handle.

His face lit up and he yelled, THAT'S WHY THEY SAY ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS! He had always wondered why they didn't say push down the window. Every few minutes for the rest of the ride, he would repeat roll down the window and then giggle.


  1. Cute. Had to relearn how to roll down a window on our rental car in Hawaii...we do get spoiled with power windows and door locks!