Friday, March 6, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

There is a reason I have not bought Girl Scout cookies in decades. That is not to say I pass up the little entrepreneurs in front or Raley's or close the door on the neighbor's children or grand children.

I will ask them about the cookie sale, then give them the money for a box or two - and tell them to keep the cookies.
Trust me, it is a much better deal for us both. The last time I actually had a box of scout cookies, there were only three varieties; apparently that has changed.

The other night, neighbors came over for dinner and a card game. They were so sweet to bring a box of peanut butter patties (how long have they offered that flavor?). OMG, now I remember why just giving the scouts money and not getting the cookies is a good idea. I knew I shouldn't have opened the box. Let me just say, having Girl Scout cookies and insomnia is not good!

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