Monday, March 16, 2009

Pushing myself

Tomorrow I leave for Harrisburg, VA. My sister, a history buff, has always wanted to go and I have never been either.

Several weeks back we bought our Southwest Airline tickets for $99 each way to Roanoke. Then we scored a two bedroom condo for $400 for the entire week. Throw in our $89 weekly, standard size, car rental and how could we not take advantage the opportunity? By dividing the expenses, of the car rental and condo we could swing it. Of course, we have to eat, but because the condo is fully furnished - including the kitchen.- we will buy groceries for the week, which we would have had to do anyway.

It sounds like a great adventure. So why am I so scared?
It will be the first time without my Service Dog, Bailey.
I have not been on a long flight.
Since the stroke, I have a number of issues that will make this trip an enormous challenge for me.

I want to push the envelope. I have been working hard on my physical and mental abilities for over 3 years now.
So why am I so terrified?

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