Monday, September 21, 2009

My new neighborhood newletter

The other night, I was asked why I started I used the easy answer; I wanted a place where neighbors could share ideas, get to know one another and be involved in Glenbrooke.

While those reasons are certainly valid, I also needed a sense of purpose and the ability to feel I could still contribute.

When I left my last position, it was with a sense of new adventures, travel and consulting. Those plans dissipated several months later when I suffered a stroke.I have worked very hard both physically and cognitively to recover. I had to relearn many things - including the value of numbers, how to add and subtract. I spend 2-4 hours a day on cognitive exercises- hey card games count!

While I can use the computer keyboard, I still have trouble writing and making letters. Thank goodness for spell check in computers!

I was feeling lost - I was just a consumer in society and had nothing to offer. Then my best friend, Doni Greenberg, suggested I write a blog for her website I wrote everyday at first. As I wrote, I started to be more comfortable with my limitations. I finally felt I still might be able to do SOMETHING. Doni helped me find my voice again. Then we moved to Glenbrooke. It was very difficult to leave the community I love and the support I felt.

We didn’t know anyone in the area, let alone the neighborhood. But we quickly found people here are accepting and friendly and I now have a new community. I will always feel a connection to Redding.

The experience at gave me exposure to a tool that can help build a sense of community. It is something I CAN do - on a much smaller scale. I may have to do it in tiny increments and I need a lot of help correcting errors, typos, grammar and spelling. My new friend neighbor Vickie Glaser, graciously agreed to edit the newsletter. We quickly worked out a system to post weekly. Jim Gore is the technical support behind this website - without him, I would still be lost. Doni and all the writers at are so supportive. I know you will come to know and love them as much as I do as we have been given permission to reprint their articles.

Is this a business? No, it’s a productive hobby. There is no way I could deal the need for advertisers, structure, or pressure of a business at this stage in my life. is limited to our retirement neighborhood.

Will we charge a subscription? No, we paid the nominal fee for web hosting and no one gets paid for contributions - so there is no need for income.

Do we want to take over or be in competition with No, I needed a hobby not a job. The HOA website is just that, a HOA website for the business of HOA and is controlled by staff. Recently adopted policy limits resident’s participation and coverage of city or community events.

When Doni started we offered to help in anyway. I had no idea the tables were turned and it was me being helped all along. Thanks everyone.


  1. Darce, I'm so proud of you. You've got the ruby slippers, my friend, and they look beautiful on you. xod