Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fastest Growing population

I was surprised to read today that the fastest growing population in the United Sates is now the disabled. The article stated that disabled people surpassed Hispanics for the fastest growing segment of our population.

After reading that, my mind starts racing with random thoughts:
  • You can't believe everything you read - I need to do some research.
  • It must be good, disabled are living longer, better medically managed lives.
  • It could be really bad as it means there are thousands of newly disabled veterans.
  • The baby boomer population is huge and a large percentage of us are disabled in some way.
  • Disabled are no longer ''hidden" or staying home.
  • ADA has made a tremendous difference is accessibility and working environments.
  • Once people are no longer marginalized, the motivation for living life to the fullest increases.
  • What opportunities this presents for many other businesses; retail, specialized products, home builders, automobile makers, etc.
  • Special equipment rental/sales - such as the disabled scooter pictured above from China see more at

Okay, I better stop thre or I will find half my day gone researching and pondering the opportunities.

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