Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Finally... A Computer Designed For You, Not Your Grandchildren!"

Since I retired, my technology needs have changed. I now notice businesses that market to “Boomers and Beyond” for cell phones and computers.

I no longer want a phone that will replace my computer, camera, Ipod, Gameboy or GPS. I simply want a phone that has big enough buttons to use and a design that allows me to hear and be heard. The phone functions should be call and end call – period.

Enter the JitterBug phone. The first time I saw one was in an AARP magazine. Finally, I thought, a cell phone that is just a phone ! This phone is now a popular option for people who use a cell casually or for emergencies only.

Today, again advertised in AARP, was the new Go computer. The ad declares “ Finally…. A Computer Designed for You, Not your Grandchildren." Just plug it in and it is ready to use. It features a large keyboard, and a ‘never get lost – just click and Go’ menu. To turn on the computer, press Go, then select either Email, Games, Help, My Files, or The Web. That’s it.

Not inexpensive by today’s Netbook standards (under $500), the Go computer is just under $900 and requires a monthly access fee of $19.99. Still, for older seniors that have never had computer experience this might be a good solution to quickly get online without having to take classes or be intimadated by stacks of manuals.

It seems we have gone to cramming as many functions into a microchip as possible to going back to the basics and simplifying – at least for the senior population.

Disclaimer: this is by no means an endorsement of either product as I have no experience with products mentioned in this blog. The blog is simply my observation of marketing technology products to seniors.

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