Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm so sorry - Not!

Why do people have such a hard time apologizing? Apparently, saying "I'm sorry" is difficult for so many that felt compelled to name Apology Center as one of its top 100 websites of 2009.

On this site you can confess your wrongdoing. While the person that deserves the apology is unaware, the poster will get anonymous votes tallied to determine if they are forgiven or not.
Some of the confessions are funny, some sad. At least PCMAG put it in the “FUN” category so as not to be taken too seriously.


  1. I don't know, it looks like techno is getting in the way of real life. Sad.

  2. Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, unless the apology is delivered to the person you hurt, it's not an apology. The point of apologizing is to ease the feelings of the person you hurt, not to make yourself feel better. How bizarre. Societal narcissism at its finest.

  3. Darcie,
    Thanks for the shout-out about my website! I actually started the website earlier this year after I found an item that I stole as a kid...30 years ago...and felt really bad about it. I couldn't return it - I couldn't really do anything, ya know? So I started thinking about all the things I've done that I feel guilty about and Apology Center was born.
    No, it shouldn't replace an in-person apology (trust me, I've done plenty of those!). But it's a Plan B...and maybe something a little silly in the process.
    As far as life getting techno...a blog is kinda techno : ) Anyway, hope you enjoy the site for what it was intended to be.
    Marc Greenberg - Apology Center

  4. Marc: Ah, makes more sense in that context; thanks for clarifying. But I do hope people don't use this as a substitute when the real person is available; a sincere apology can really heal a world of hurt.

  5. Hi Mr. Greenberg,

    Thanks for giving more information on your website, to the readers of

    I thought your website was unique enough in the list of 100 best to comment on it. I like that is was in the fun category. When readers
    comment on my blog it is always good, it means they went to check out what I was talking about for the day. Congratulations on being named to the top 100 list in under a year!

  6. As a little side note, I HAVE tracked down those people I stole the "thing" from and I am sending it back : )
    Thanks again!