Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things my children don't remember

A conversation about products or icons of our childhood made me think that my children have never heard of so many of these things. Some products may still be sold.

How many of these to you remember?

Brill Cream - a little dab will do 'ya

Prell shampoo
Helms bakery truck
Bosco chocolate syrup
Malto meal

Nichols candies

Sugar Daddy suckers - great for the movies as they lasted forever.
Toni Hair Perms

Bobbie pins
pink hair tape - to hold down bangs or make a curl

Comedy albums
Bill Cosby - remember God instructing Noah to build an Ark?
First family

Wishing wells in front lawn

Tiki patio decor

split rail fences

Metracal for weight control

oh, what were the tlittle square carmal candy ones you ate with a hot beverage before a meal?

Sour apple candy
Armour Star Canned meats - do they even make them anymore?
Diet-Rite Cola


Tab-opening aluminum cans - collected tabs made great chains for bedroom decor
Maxim (freeze-dried instant coffee) Postum
Shake 'n Bake
Chase & Sanborn Instant Coffee

What else?


  1. I think the candy was Necco's and the diet little squares that were chewy were called "Ayds". Do you also recall Walnetto candy and candy cigarettes? Or a fav was also bubble gum cigars and the little wax bottles with colored and flavored fluid inside. If we coud get Charms wrapped candy it was a treat as well. Wampum was the earliest corn chip I ever remember and there was a special hot dog bun called a Weiner Wagon. The bun was not sliced, just kind of had a little trench in the middle that you placed the hot dog in and it was kind of like eating it open faced. Oh... those were the good old days.

  2. Frozen juice cans for hair rollers
    Cake eye liner
    Chatty Cathy
    Transitor Radios
    Tissy tossy tea
    Live Lizard jewerly pets
    Sugared lemon rind
    butter/sugar sandwich (sounds yucky now)

  3. The Fuller Brush man
    Sky King
    this could go on all day. I love it!

  4. Neccos and Ayds! That's right!
    Sky King! I forgot about that.
    glass grapes on coffee tables

  5. The TV series "Fury" Oh, how I wanted a pony. Stick horses had to do.
    Howdy Doody and "Bozo"

  6. Bosco is still around! You can buy it at most supermarkets in the NYC metro area and other places on the East Coast -- and on our website at .

    Scott Sanders
    Co-owner, Bosco Chocolate Syrup

  7. I still have my chatty cathy. If you pull the string she still talks but now it sounds like she has had a few drinks.

  8. Oh Chatty Cathy was my favorite. That's neat that you still have yours, Sher.
    I had my Barbie doll until I moved last year. Laura never cared about it and no one wanted it so I sold it on Ebay.

  9. So sorry to hear about your stroke. I hope family, friends and happy memories can help bring a smile to the trials life can bring sometimes.

    I turned 54 on July 20, 2009 and I remember Fizzies, Simeone Cat Clock, Barbie Jergens Lotion sets, Pillsbury Funny Face Drink Mix, Mr. Bubble, licorice tasting, white iced cookies with a black stripe on them, pink rollers, pajama bags, vintage valentines, Kenner Bullwinkle sparkle magic, Beatles dolls, Spudsie, Junkett pudding, Gee your hair smells terrific, Ambush perfume, Evening in Paris and so, so many more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog.