Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He's in the Money

Jeff got knocked out of the World Series of Poker - event 54 on Tuesday afternoon.

There were 2,818 entries in the Texas hold 'em tournament and Jeff made it up to 282 place - which was in the money. What a great experience it was for him. I am so thankful he let Jim and I tag along for the ride.

It was heartwarming to read messages of encouragement from family, friends and even strangers. Doni and Kelly were so sweet to mention the tournament ion and Facebook. As his family, of course we were excited and proud - but it was surprising how much interest and support came from the community.

Jeff does have the option of entering the WSOP Main Event, starting July 3rd. That is the tournament televised by ESPN.
Jeff won the $10,000 entry fee in a online tournament (plus they gave him $2,000 for travel expenses). The question asked most often was, "is Jeff going to 'go for it' and enter the Main Event or will pocket the money?"

Jeff decided to keep the money. Combined with his winnings from event 54, , he won just under $15,000. For a recent college graduate without a job - especially in this economy - it seems like a responsible decision.

I will always treasure him sharing this experience with us. I love seeing him excited and hearing him discuss analytically the various plays and probabilities with his dad.

No longer being tied to the Rio poker pavilion in Las Vegas, we are now going to play tourist. We enjoyed dinner, a show and the observation deck of the Stratosphere Tuesday night. We will take in another show Wednesday and travel to Hoover Dam for a tour.

I am looking forward to Jeff and Jim discussing how many gallons of water are released from the Dam and how much concrete it took to build. I have no doubt that at some point paper and pencils will materialize to figure out various formulas to find the answer to obscure questions.
Just like they used to do at the dinner table.


  1. Again, Darcie, thanks for sharing the experience with us. It was a thrill for me to hear and anticipate how far he would get. Please pass on my congratulations to Jeff. My whole family was watching with the same excitement. :-)

  2. Darcie, what a wonderful adventure for Jeff and your whole family. Thank you so much for allowing us to tag along. And I laughed out loud at your mention of Jim and Jeff's dinner conversations about the analytics of Hoover Dam. Enjoy your day. It must be so nice for Jeff to have the pressure off him today, and know that he came out way ahead of the game. Hugs to you all. xod

  3. Thanks to you Doni and to Kelly for the surprse coverage.

    We could literally feel the well wishes!